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It’s that time of year that ELA has the pleasure to announce the attribution of the 2021 ELA Award for the most performing member association! 

For the annual attribution of this Award, the ELA Communication Committee follows a well-defined and objective procedure.  After a detailed analysis of each association’s achievements by the Communication Committee, based on a set of well-defined criteria, the Board of Directors has reviewed the nominees and has decided to attribute its award for outstanding performance to a deserving ELA member association.

The objective criteria used by the Communication Committee for the attribution of the Award are as follows: 

The first and foremost criterion is that the Association concerned sends participants to ELA Committees and Working Groups and that these contribute actively to the work of the association.  Contributing reliable statistics is another of the important objective criteria.  Another one is the use of ELA deliverables, where many associations score good points.  Finally, successful local initiatives at national level are taken into consideration.

Obviously, all of these criteria have been met successfully by the winner.

It’s with great pleasure, ELA can announce that the Board has unanimously decided to attribute the 2021 ELA Award for outstanding association performance to both FAS and LEIA (ex-aequo).

In the name of all the members of the ELA Board, we extend our sincere congratulations to both Associations.