The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe


The Energy and Environment (E&E) Committee is committed to all ecological aspects of the lift and escalator industry, developing ecological strategies and proposals to assist the ELA Board in reaching its objectives and in adopting its decisions.


- To ensure participation of European experts on ecological issues including energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainability (from an ecological perspective and limited to lifts and escalators), product life cycle and other issues revolving around the ecological questions.

.-To provide expertise to ELA and its members regarding the lift industry involvement in ecological issues.

- To assess the relevance and impact of ecological issues for the lift and escalator industry, throughout all phases of the life cycle of the equipment.

- To promote ELA positions, to influence decision-making and to facilitate interpretation and implementation on areas of improvement in ecological consideration of components, new equipment, preventive maintenance, repair and upgrading.

- To provide information and make all ELA positions available and clear to ELA members via efficient communication channels.

- To contribute to the challenges of urbanization, global warming and green construction to enhance enablement of low carbon innovation.

- To accompany standardization procedures in relation to ecological aspects and to provide an interface for standardization in this field.