The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe

Conference 2024 - Transition towards Global Sustainability

Grand Hotel Hyatt, Istanbul, Türkiye, May 16th 2024

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Conference Programme

Conference documents

1. Sustainability: Its Significance in the Built Environment - Hatice Sözer (not available)

2. New Regulatory Framework - Paula Casares

3. A supportive EU Policy framework for sustainable and smart buildings Robert-Sylvain

4. Energy efficient lifts - Roger Beuret

5. Modernizing existing lifts - Claudio Donghi

6. Environmental Sustainability in product life cycle - Roger Beuret

7. Social Safety Sustainability - Ana Efata

8. Towards circular buildings - Dirk De Moor

9. Digitalization as enabler - Alper Caliskan

10. The role of Standardisation in green transition – Raul Carlsson

11. Sustainibility of Lift Industry and Cooperation Asia Pacific - Graham Worthington 

Conference 2023 - Safety in Maintenance

Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne, Switzerland, May 5th 2023

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Conference Programme

Conference documents

1. Introduction by the ELA President Roberto Zappa

2. Opening remarks from Daniela Rondinelli - European Parliament, Employment and Social Affairs Committee

3. Opening remarks from Colin Lustenhouwer - European Economic and Social Committee (No document available)

4. Opening remarks from Massimiliano Dragoni - European Commission (EC DG Connect - Senior Policy Officer)

Safety in Maintenance - Market Figures

5. Global Elevator Safety Forum - Paulo Medeiros

6. Accidents in Lifts and Escalators - Ebru Gemici-Loukas

Safety in Maintenance - Training and Artificial Intelligence

7. Life has no reset button - Carlos Latorre

8. Archetype AI knowledge lab - Giorgio Manfredi

Safety in Maintenance - Regulations and Constraints

9. ISO TC178 - Gero Gschwendtner

10. CEN - Regulations and Constraints - Esfandiar Gharibaan

Safety in Maintenance - The Global Perspective

11. Safety Maintenance and Modernisation - Graham Worthington

12. Near-miss Reporting and Management - Liu Jianwei

Conference 2022 - Lifts and Escalators: a road to the future in a safe, digital and energy efficient world

Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt, May 2022


Conference Programme

Conference documents

Wolfgang Marzin & Christopher Enders - E2 FORUM PRESENTATION

1. Opening remarks -  Nicola Beer - European Parliament, Vice President 

2. Opening remarks - Kerstin Jorna - European Commission, Director General (DG GROW)

3. The importance of Global Standards - Stefano CALZOLARI, CEN, President

4. Innovation and standardization - a contrast or an ingenious duo? - Gero GSCHWENDTNER, ISO

5. The construction industry: trends and forecasts - Domenico CAMPOGRANDE, FIEC, Secretary General

6. Sustainable Industrial Policy and Construction - Ilektra PAPADAKI, European Commission, Policy Officer (DG GROW)

7. Introduction -  Frank ROUSSEL, ELA TELCO Working Group, Convenor

8. ETSI/One M2M standards for the lift and escalators sector - Enrico SCARRONE, OneM2M Steering Committee & ETSI TC SmartM2M Chair

9. The impact of digitalization and IoT on the lift and escalators sector - Lexiang ZHANG, CEA, Secretary General

10. Introduction - Alper CALISKAN, ELA SRI Working Group, Convenor

11. Construction ecosystem - Gusts KOSSOVIčS, European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac)

12. Contribution by the lift industry -Roger BEURET, ELA Product Ecology Working Group, Convenor

Conference 2019 - Lifts & Escalators in a Digital World

Leonardo Royal Hotel London City, London, May 2019

Dixie Queen under Tower Bridge

Conference Programme

Conference documents

WEF - Zhang Lexiang, Secretary General of the Chinese Elevator Associati

Drivers of digitalization - Carine Lucas, Lead Expert Innovation, AGORIA

How digitalization changes the buildings - Kari Suihkonen, Chairman of the ELA Digitalization & Cybersecurity Committee

The lift book in a digital era - Harold Bussing, VLR President and Jeroen Bazuin, VLR Member

Traceability of Safety Components - Jan König, Dipl.-Ing., Technical Officer at VFA-Interlift

Digitalization (smartification) of existing lifts - Prof. Paolo Riva, University of Bergamo

Artificial Intelligence - Jonathan Berte, General Manager Robovision - presentation not available

What s a smart building and the smart readiness indicator? - Paul Waide, Ph.D., Director Waide Strategic Efficiency

Skilled Workforce for the future? - Prof Stefan Kaczmarczyk, University of Northampton, 

Skilled Workforce for the future? - Dan Charlesworth, LEIA

Skilled Workforce for the future? - Achim Hütter, VFA-Interlift

Skilled Workforce for the future? - Tadeusz Popielas, PALM

Perspectives on brexit and its implications for the lift industry - Onelia Angelosanto, Director, Global Trade Team, Ernst & Young

Perspectives on brexit and its implications for the lift industry - Nick Mellor, Managing Director, LEIAPerspectives on brexit and its implications for the lift industry - Nick Mellor, Managing Director, LEIA

Conference documents

Conference 2018 - Lifts & Escalators in a Sustainable Future

Sheraton Hotel, Stockholm, April 2018

Sheraton Stockholm

Conference documents


Conference 2017 - Lifts & Escalators - our part in the Digital World

Radisson Blu, Luzern, April 2017

Radisson Blu Luzern


Conference documents


Conference 2016 - Lifts & Escalators in Smart Cities

Radisson Blu, Rome, April 2016

Radisson SAS Hotel Rome

Conference documents

Conference 2015- Lifts in the European Energy Scene

Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, Paris, April 2015


General Assembly 2014

Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam, April 2014

ag 2014 hotel movenpick

General Assembly 2013

Grand Hyatt Hotel, Istanbul, April 2013

Photo Grand Hyatt