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competition for students and young professionalsFor its 100 years, the Fédération des Ascenseurs organizes a competition for students and young professionals in architecture

The Fédération des Ascenseurs is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. For this occasion, they celebrate the pioneering ideas and want to contribute to the emergence of new urban and architectural solutions for the medium and long term.

They asked l'Atelier international Expérimental pour la Cité Bio-numérique, specializing in prospective projects, to organize an architecture and town planning competition for young professionals and students. The aim is to reflect on the improvement of living conditions in cities and the fight against the negative effects of cities on the planet.

On the occasion of this competition, the Fédération des Ascenseurs and this International Workshop wish to foster interdisciplinary cooperation (creative, scientists, specialists in new techniques, computer scientists, specialists in human sciences, etc.) in order to better reflect on the future.

The aim of the competition is to show how new techniques, proposed by specialists in the transportation of goods and persons, make it possible to invent "better living together", better develop peri-urban agricultural areas, better combat energy waste, better recycle, stop consuming agricultural land, improve urban living conditions and quality of life in cities, etc.

The winners will be presented at the Lift Association Trophies (Trophées de l'Ascenseur) ceremony in October 2020.