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Dual Vocational Training is an excellent way to train personnel to work in the lifting sector lifting sector. However, Spanish companies usually find a lack of VT graduates willing to work in elevation companies after finishing their training.

Because of that, traditional elevation companies struggle to find qualified personnel. Some companies hire Dual VT students, but they are not enough to supply the demand of job positions required every year. In Spain, where 450 companies manage more than 1,100,000 elevators, 500 VT graduates will be needed in the next years. That demand is not covered at all.

In order to get more young people to study VT areas related with the work that the lifting sector develops, FEEDA keeps carrying out the following actions:

Campaign of information focused on students before they start their VT studies. This campaign creates posters and leaflets containing all the information about the benefits of working in the lifting sector. This material is distributed in many VT centres. .

At the same time, FEEDA has organised several informative meetings with students and teachers, in order to explain the benefits of working in an area without unemployment.

On the other hand, FEEDA has expressed their concern to the General Directorate of Vocational Training at the Community of Madrid. During that meeting they talked about the possibility of expanding the range of VT degrees suitable for the lifting sector.

In addition, there is an ongoing project with the Joan Miró Vocational Training Centres which objective is to improve the contents of the title of Higher Technician in Industrial Mechatronics. FEEDA is currently working on the curriculum, which would be taught the first year at the training centre and the second year in the companies associated to FEEDA.

Likewise, FEEDA has recently signed an agreement with the Bertelsmann Foundation which goal is to promote Dual Vocational Training among its associates as well as promoting new projects in this training CV.

Emphasis is also always placed on the statements of those responsible for FEEDA and in the media on this matter. There has even been a report for Spanish Television where young people are encouraged to study for working in the lifting sector.