The Voice of the Lift, Escalator and Moving Walk Industry in Europe

3.A Logo Trophées 2020 20211Created at the initiative of the Fédération des Ascenseurs in 2015, the Lift Association Trophies (Trophées de l'Ascenseur) embody the desire of the professionals of the vertical mobility to accompany the contractors and owners in their projects for an accessible, sustainable, inclusive, mobile, intergenerational and connected city.

The 2020-2021 edition of these Trophies will reward 6 projects carried out in France, which integrate one or more vertical mobility solutions (elevator, lift, platform, stair lift, escalator, moving sidewalk, freight elevator…), in collective housing and single-family house (housing, offices, industry and businesses, recreation places), in new and old buildings. Their goal : to make life easier for everyone.

The best projects presented will be rewarded in 6 categories: architecture and urban integration, well-being and accessibility, technologies, housing development, environment and sustainable development, improvement of everyday life. The 6th edition of the Lift Trophies will be held in Paris in spring 2021 (depending on health news).